A'pieu Pure Block BB Sun Milk R SPF50+/PA+++


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A'pieu Pure Block Whitening Essence Sun Milk R SPF50+/PA+++

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The A'pieu brand Pure Block Whitening Essence Sun Milk R SPF50+/PA+++ provides the required nutrients for the skin, maintains its moisture and enhances the resistance when the skin comes in contact with the sun. The Sun Milk moisturizes the epidermis of the skin from the inside that in turn gives the skin a glow while keeping it smooth and supple. The product has a smooth and non-greasy texture. It features various ingredients like butylene glycol, silica, various flower and fruit extracts, peppermint, niacinamide, aloe extract, and more. The Whitening Essence Sun Milk has an SPF rating of 50+. It is ideal for women with dry skin. The white colored product comes in an easy to squeeze 40 ml bottle with a nozzle to avoid excess spills and a matching cap. For best results, clean your face before applying the sun milk and towel it dry. Take the desired amount of cream and apply it on your face and other areas like legs, arms and neck that are at risk of exposure to the sun. Tap the applied areas mildly so that the sun milk is absorbed well into the skin. Repeat the process every two hours.  

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