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Black Snail Original Cream

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The Secret Key brand Black Snail Original Cream contains black snail ingredients that are 90 percent snail mucus filtration. It also has olive oil, shea butter and 11 other natural ingredients. The white cream enhances the overall condition of the skin and vitalizes it. The cream also moisturizes the skin while nourishing it and gives the skin a soothing effect. Additionally, it enhances the skin elasticity and brightens the skin at the same time. The cream penetrates into the skin and makes it look fresh immediately after application. The non-sticky cream also helps in removing wrinkles. To get the best results, the cream must be applied twice a day in the morning and the evening as the last step towards skin care. Take the desired amount in your hand and apply uniformly on the skin on the desired areas. The skincare product comes in an elegant 50g black plastic jar with a matching lid.

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